Encounters Timetable

Peninsula Encounters tour departure times vary throughout the year (from 12:45pm mid-winter to 3.30pm mid-summer) to coincide with changing animal activity and daylight hours. Departure times can be confirmed when making reservations. Participants will be collected from, and returned to any central City or Peninsula accommodation, the Dunedin Visitor centre at 50 The Octagon, (in city centre) or arranged points on route. Tour duration is 5.5 - 6.5 hours depending on animal behaviours and season.
NOTE: Our MAX (total wildlife experience) duration is 8.5 hours with pickup time from 1.20pm New Zealand Daylight time

SeasonPickup Times
FromUntilDunedin CityPortobello
15 November 14 February 3.30pm 4.15pm
15 February first Saturday in April 3pm 3.45pm
( DST - NZ daylight saving time ends on first Saturday in April )
first Sunday in April 30 April 1.30pm 2.15pm
1 May 31 August 1pm 1.45pm
1 September Last Saturday in September 1.30pm 2.15pm
( DST - NZ daylight saving time begins on last Sunday in September )
Last Sunday in September 14 November 3pm 3.45pm
NOTE: Pickups are usually from your accommodation or the Dunedin Visitor Centre (50 The Octagon). Pickups can take up to 15 minutes from the pickup time shown above