Peninsula Encounters

  • Absolutely unrivalled wildlife viewing...
    Spend a late afternoon watching yellow-eyed penguins as they arrive home from the sea. Watch the majestic albatross soar overhead. Get up close to Sea Lions. - all on our multi award-winning 5-6 hour 'wildlife packed' tours on the beautiful Otago Pen

Peninsula Encounters Tour Options

From $112 Our most popular and multi-award winning tour, departing daily from Dunedin city in the afternoon to visit the beautiful Otago Peninsula and its wildlife 'hotspots'. This tour is available throughout the year

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From $122 For the less fit, the 'Lite' tour option requires 90% less walking than the 'Encounter' tour.
Available 24 November - 31 March

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From $243 Designed for the obsessed wildlife enthusiast, the MAX tour provides 8 hours totally immersed in a wildlife experience. All our tours rolled into one !!
Available 24 November - 31 March

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Peninsula Encounters Tour Options

From $164 Include a tour at the Taiaroa head, Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula, viewing the albatross nesting area from a purpose built hide. (Note: Standard tours still observe flying albatross but not the nesting area)
Available All year except during the albatross breeding period 16 September - 24 November

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From $167 Our Standard Tour including an additional one hour boat cruise adventure viewing the spectacular Taiaroa headland and its wildlife from a boat on the ocean. Available 16 September until 20 March

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Check the tour requirements before you book.

You will see a lot of animal activity, particularly during the late afternoon arrival from the sea of Yellow-eyed penguins during this 5 to 6 hour 'wildlife packed' tour on the beautiful Otago Peninsula. The Peninsula encounters tour operates during the late afternoon/evening to coincide with great penguin, sea lion and seal activity which will provide you with absolutely unrivalled wildlife viewing, particularly within our conservation area and has been the highlight of many travellers visit to New Zealand. Join us to see the growth effects of our penguin conservation endeavours, knowing that your visit has contributed to the ongoing conservation effort. Consider a Larnach castle accommodation package combining our wildlife tour.

All Peninsula encounter rates*

*valid 1/10/2018 - 30/9/2019    (Rates may change annually from 1 October)
A $10 discount per person applies to the rate if booking is for a student (ID required) The online reservation system will identify family groups when booking.  A family group consists of parent(s) and two dependent children.

EWT Standard 'Peninsula encounters' tour $122.00 Penguins,Fur seals, Sea lions within private conservation area, flying albatross, another 25+ species of seabirds and waders
EAT  Includes Royal Albatross tour $174.00 EWT tour - includes one hour Albatross nesting area tour
EMT  Includes 'Monarch' wildlife cruise $177.00 EWT tour - includes one hour boat cruise viewing Taiaroa headland wildlife
TWT  Peninsula encounters LITE STD $132.00 & $184.00 inc albatross tour Tour format and viewing place requires 90% less walking than standard tour
ETT  Eight hours total wildlife experience $253.00 Our multi-award winning "Peninsula encounter" tour plus wildlife boat cruise and Royal Albatross tour Note:pickup time from 1.20pm


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Peninsula Encounters tour departure times vary throughout the year (from 12:45pm mid-winter to mid-summer) to coincide with changing animal activity and daylight hours. Departure times can be confirmed when making reservations. Participants will be collected from, and returned to any central City or Peninsula accommodation, the Dunedin Visitor centre at 50 The Octagon, (in city centre) or arranged points on route. Tour duration is 5.5 - 6.5 hours depending on animal behaviours and season.
NOTE: Our MAX (total wildlife experience) duration is 8.5 hours with pickup time from 1.20pm New Zealand Daylight time

SeasonPickup Times
 ( NZ daylight saving time BEGINS on last Sunday in September ) ( NZ daylight saving time ENDS on first Saturday in April )  
Last Sunday in September first Saturday in April 3pm 3.45pm
first Sunday in April 30 April 1.30pm 2.15pm
1 May 31 August 1pm 1.45pm
1 September Last Saturday in September 1.30pm 2.15pm
NOTE: Pickups are usually from your accommodation or the Dunedin Visitor Centre (50 The Octagon). Pickups can take up to 15 minutes from the pickup time shown above