Pinipeds (Carnivora)

New Zealand Sealions

Elm conservation area - Female NZ Sealions

New Zealand Sealion pup

Hooker's Sealion (Phocarctos hookeri) (Whakaho)

Hooker's Sealions (New Zealand Sealions) are the rarest of the world's five species of sealion.

They are endemic to New Zealand and are making a comeback after being almost eliminated by Maori hunters before the arrival of Europeans. Colonies are now established on the Otago Peninsula and the Catlins.

Sealions are gregarious animals and enjoy each other's company. They are highly agile and dive to over 200 metres.

Adult male reach up to three metres in length, weigh up to 400 kg and can live to 25 years old. Females are smaller and generally lighter in colour.